Adaptable Content

created once, accessible everywhere

Welcome to the Next Generation of eLearning.

At CGS, we thought about the problem of taking content and making it universally available while still retaining the ability to apply measurement and tracking techniques. Using client feedback and industry trends as a guideline, we analyzed the structure of content, how it’s delivered, and ultimately how it’s used. What emerged is a series of techniques, methodologies and tools that CGS uses to unlock the potential of your organization’s content.


CGS Adaptable Content

The result is something dynamic and captivating: traditional content assets become more agile. There is no need to present content as bland pages of information; it can have the beauty of a finely crafted solution. For example, the best presentation method for particular content may be a simulation rather than descriptive text and images. By developing these simulations as self-contained, modular assets, they become flexible in the number of ways they may be deployed to users of the information.

In the adaptable content world, your organization’s training assets are preserved so that they can be carried forward and used as needed without destroying the original integrity of the assets. For example, course content designed to train customer service representatives may be appropriate for other user audiences or even the ultimate customer. Because of the modular design used by CGS, this content is easily portable to support documentation, customer tutorials, or integrated into other curricula.

Come explore the world of adaptable content as CGS helps your organization to transform. With our tools and services:

  • Content can easily be disconnected from the Learning Management System
  • Content can continue to capture data, which fuels appropriate metrics
  • Content value is increased because it is more accessible
  • Content used in traditional settings can be adapted to immediate need solutions
  • Content revisions may occur quickly and easily